Un tour con 23 familiari




Le parole di Paul Maina, che dopo una lunga ricerca che ha ricostruito la sua ascendenza fino al 1575, è venuto a trovarci in compagnia di ben 22 familiari!

Back in 2019, I was introduced to Michele Cartusciello and his team to help me discover my ancestral roots in Italy.  All I knew at that time was that my Grandfather came from this small little town in the Campania region of Italy called “Padula”. The trail ran cold from there. Compare that to what I know today and the fact that I can trace and document our family roots in this area back to 1575 and you have one happy client!

He and his team are the most professional, courteous and thorough group that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They met and exceeded my goal of providing accurate documentation and clear lineage of my ancestors. I have traveled to visit him and his team 3 times this past year and even brought 22 of my American family members with me to do a historic ancestral tour of Padula with Michele and his team. It has been the journey of a lifetime that I could not have done without Michele Cartusciello and his team.

Paul Maina