Marina e la sua famiglia




Le belle parole di Marina, che dopo una lunga ricerca genealogica è venuta in visita nei luoghi dei suoi antenati.

Michele Cartusciello and the Museo del Cognome have helped my cousins and I trace our family tree back for hundreds of years. Their dedication to history and genealogy has enabled us to feel a connection to our roots and has presented an opportunity, through documentation such a census-type records and birth/marriage/death records for us to understand and appreciate aspects of our ancestor’s lives from medieval times to their emigration to the United States. 

In 2019 we spent nearly a week in the Padula area with Michele and his team. We toured the historic area where our ancestors worked and lived, as well as important ancient sites such as the Certosa di San Lorenzo and Baptistry of San Giovanni in Fonte.  We visited nearby towns that our ancestors called home before moving to Padula and were able to meet wonderful cousins. We sampled many local foods that have been staples for generations … and we did all of this while sharing good times and laughs. It was an amazing adventure into the past and present with excellent and knowledgeable guides. We look forward to the next chapter of this genealogical travel adventure with Michele and his team.

Hugs to all!

Marina Riggio