Family Forlenza’s fascinating experience




We were contacted by Ellen and Vincent Forlenza a few months ago because they were interested in learning about their family history. They joined for an Ancestors Tour in Contursi Terme (Salerno), where they could meet distant cousins!

” As an american genealogy enthusiast, I was eager to learn more about my husband’s Italian roots, but was limited because I do not speak Italian. When we planned a trip to the Amalfi coast with my husband’s siblings, I knew that their ancestral town, Contursi Terme, was nearby and was determined that we explore it. Michele and his colleagues Giuseppina and Viviana at Museo Del Cognome did an incredible job for us in 2 ways. First, they did extensive genealogical research and provided me with documented information on several generations of my husband’s ancestors. Next, they planned a day trip for us to visit Contursi. They visited the town a few times in advance, finding records, arranging for the local historian to spend the day with us, and finding four 4th-cousins who joined us too!!

We were able to walk in our ancestors’ footsteps in this lovely hilltop town that hasn’t much changed since they were there!

The Forlenza family is very grateful to the people at Museo Del Cognome for making this possible! “