Michele Cartusciello is a professional genealogist and enthusiast in local traditions and cultures. He is the manager of the Museo del Cognome – Family History Museum in Padula (Salerno), a one-of-a-kind place in the world about genealogy.

Born in Campania but belonging to the world, she started her journey as a translator and web writer after she graduated in Comparative Literature and Languages at L’Orientale University in Naples. It has been almost ten years since she serves as international relations manager at the Museo del Cognome. Da quasi dieci anni collabora con il Museo del Cognome come responsabile dei rapporti con l’estero.

Di origini olandesi, Astrid vive a Sassano dal 2017. Co-fondatrice di Art Center Padula e consulente per l’internazionalizzazione di prodotti tradizionali, promuove il territorio del Vallo di Diano in tutto il mondo. Collaboro con il Museo del Cognome da due anni nel ruolo di traduttrice e interprete.

I’m Viviana, and I work as a tour guide covering the Campania region. My collaboration with the Museo del Cognome is to guide visitors through the old towns and historical sites. My languages are Italian, English, and French. 

Hi, I am Carmen I am 22 years old, I study foreign languages and cultures and I am passionate about the world of communication. Here at Museo del Cognome I have the opportunity to put into practice what I have learned at University, indeed I deal with interaction with South American clients, and being Spanish my strong point.

Freelance surveyor with an over ten-year experience at cultural associations, while long-time engaged in activities and projects for the touristic promotion of her local area.

Born and raised in Rome, she’s always been surrounded by family and friends. Curious and passionate oftravellig, she spent many years abroad, spanning from Abrantes (Portugal) to Surabaya (Indonesia), while making her studies in Anthropology. She also nurtures her passion for visual arts, painting, photography, drawing and videos.

A self-taught drawer, he’s been cultivating his passion for illustration since the time he was only a child, though he completed his studies in totally another field. In fact, he acquired professional skills in the audio engineering. Up until 2012, he carried out a music project as composer and guitarist, once he later decided to study Comics at the Italian School of Comics in Naples. Right from that moment on, he started collaborating on so many projects as cartoonist, anda colorist too. The latest onehe’s been working on is “My Ancestry Comic Book”,which started when he met Michele Cartusciello, Manager of the Museo del Cognome.

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