Surnames of Sanza

The following surnames were taken from the 1741 Stato delle Anime Census.

Acquavella Ancestors Tour in Padula

Mary Linekin and her family came from New York (USA) to fulfill a lifetime dream: visit her ancestor’s hometown, Padula. He was an Acquavella, but we figured out many local last names connected to her family line.

Meeting with my new cousins

My dear mom Maria Del Nunzio and I had a very moving day. We met Dorothy, her daughter Alana, and her sister Ava. They came from Providence, Rhode Island, USA, to meet us, their Italian cousins.

Adotta un documento – Save a document project

Archives and libraries preserve their historical heritage and grant access to those who need to consult them. The continuous use and the effects of the passing of time provoke wear and tear. Thereby, it is necessary to face the problem of its conservation by making sure that researchers and enthusiasts can get the chance to explore it.

The 1678 Padula Stato delle Anime Census

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the birth of the Museo del Cognome, Michele Cartusciello, genealogist and founder, publishes his third book “Lo Stato delle Anime del 1678 di Padula” (the 1678 Padula Stato delle Anime Census).

How would you name your pet?

Today we share a funny list with you! It is an inventory about the cows (they had a name!) that belonged to the Holy Rosary Congregation in Padula.