Today we share with you a list of the shoemakers or cobblers (names+last names) working in Padula in 1749 according to the Catasto Onciario Census.



Here we are with a list (name + last name) of people working as stonecutters or stonemasons in Padula in 1749. Info taken from the 1749 Catasto Onciario Census.


A memory of a heavy snowstorm at Christmas – taken from a death record housed in the parish archive of Padula.

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As genealogists, we know that it is not easy to reach the offices spread all over the territory. It happened one day when we left Padula (Salerno) to visit the small village of Torrioni (Avellino), but the emails exchange we had with the employees of the Town Hall, as well as their kindness, comforted us.

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Do you know the trickiest task for a genealogist?

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Can you guess your 2nd great-grandfather’s name? – A guide to family history research
is now available on here
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How Graphology can be useful in a family history investigation?

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Hello friends,

I am happy to announce the release of my book “Come si chiamava il nonno di tuo nonno? – Genealogia e storia familiare” Read more

Here is an interview by Gianpaolo D’Elia who came to visit the museum.
We talked about genealogy and more.