• Family History Research
    A team of professionals will analyze the provided information and investigate scrupulously without leaving anything to chance. At the and of the search, it will share pictures of the records, a detailed report including data and sources, a family tree in GEDcom file format, or different format on demand.


  • Reworking and realization of heraldic and bourgeois emblems
    We rework and create heraldic and bourgeois emblems after a long and meticulous genealogical research. Everything is hand-made.


  • Ancestors Tour
    Dreaming of traveling towards the native towns is about all those people who have stories of emigration in their families. Just like you, they imagined Italy and the native towns many times in their life. These are the places and the lands that they can only describe the stories the grannies told them. The Ancestors Tour is an idea born from the will to give a chance to people like you to dive into the past, discover their family origins as well as the typical traditions of those times – traditions that are still alive today.


  • Handwriting Analysis (Graphology)
    If your grandfather wrote a letter while he was in America or you found out any significant paperwork belonged to your great-grandfather, let us know, we can use the handwriting analysis (graphology) to discover your ancestors’ personality.


  • Genealogy for kids
    Lessons specifically designed to let young students approach to Genealogy in a new and original way.


  • Digitization of archival materials
    The digitization of the archival materials through the use of the latest generation of scanner. All the images are stored on external hard disks.


  • My Ancestry Comic Book and Family History Novel
    My Ancestry Comic Book project is an entirely new idea in the world. The manager Michele Cartusciello has created the first model in collaboration with the cartoonist Emanuele Sabatino. The comic book is a memories box where happenings and moments of the life of our family come to life panel after panel. If you aim to have your personal “my ancestry comic book,” let’s take a look at the pattern here.


  • Italian citizenship application
    Full assistance in the citizenship process: request of certificates at the Italian Comuni, submission of the application through the local offices.


  • Free entrance to the Museum
    The tourists can visit the Museum by following the specific itinerary


  • Guided tour of the Museum
    An expert will guide and help visitors through the museum’s sections. It costs 30,00 euros for a maximum of 10 people.


  • Personalized Genealogy Lessons
    Those who want to learn the tricks of the trade can book a genealogy lesson. It costs 40,00 euros hourly if in Italian or 60,00 euros hourly if in English.


  • Genealogical and archival itinerary – a dive into the past
    The idea was born from the Ancestor Tours experience. We gave Italian-Americans the chance to dive into the past by discovering their family hometowns and local traditions. This new itinerary is open to individuals, families, groups of tourists, both adults and young.