Discover the coat of arms
of your family

Find out if a branch of your family tree had a family coat of arms.

You do not have to be descended from nobility to get a family coat of arms. Even families from middle-class or artisan backgrounds sometimes had a coat of arms that represented them.

Heraldic research can uncover a family coat of arms. If it has already been documented, analyze its graphic and ornamental elements.

The result of the research will be not only the graphic representation of the coat of arms but also the “blazoning,” the description of the shapes and colors with heraldic terms.


  • Is it sure that my family has a coat of arms?
    No, you have to cross the family trees. If they match the coat of arms of that noble family, it will also be the coat of arms of your family.

Michele and his staff did an outstanding job on our recent research trip to rural southern Italy to find my family’s history. He organized the trip, provided a translator, arranged overnight lodging, and directly engaged with the municipal records administrator at Foiano di Val Fortore . Michele, was able to quickly locate and read the records. All of this was photographed so that I now have copies of the original records, and a GEDCOM database file. He added over 70…

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