The personality of your ancestor
with handwriting analysis.

Have you ever wondered how your grandfather’s personality was?

Tracing one’s family history through careful genealogical research makes us come across documents, letters, and signatures.

Writing is the hallmark of one’s personality; a careful analysis by a Graphologist can give insight into the many aspects of a writer’s personality.

Indeed, writing is a spontaneous and involuntary behavior through which the writer imprints the “graphic footprint” on the paper: a condensation of character, aptitude, and unexpressed potential.

Many aspects of our family members’ lives can be retraced through an analysis of the “graphic patterns” of writing.

It is necessary for the handwriting to appear adequately personalized, a characteristic that can be evaluated by the Graphologist when the documents are handed over.

If this is true, the availability of texts varied over time, preferably written under conditions of maximum spontaneity, may allow a longitudinal reconstruction of the character of the ancestors to be made right from the evolution of the graphic gesture.


Aida came here from Miami to discover her roots. Thanks to this travel she discovered her grandfather’s place of birth, Padula. Additionally, she also met some distant cousins. I can’t wait to return to Padula and spend time with my loving cousins and I can never truly express what Michele and his team have done for me and I hope that you entrust them with your family story.” As an only child with vague memories of my childhood hearing my…