Genealogical and archival
a dive into the past

Discover Padula’s history!

The idea was born from our experience with the Ancestors Tour project. We gave Italian Americans the chance to live their lifetime dream visiting their ancestors’ hometowns and discovering local traditions too.

We welcomed them holding their hands along the journey. They went back in the past by walking through the old town alleys, visiting washhouses, and checking an old birth, marriage or death record kept in the local registry office or parish archive. The ones who stayed longer tried local food and learned some artisan’s trick of the trade too.

This new itinerary is open to individuals, families, groups of tourists, both adults and young. Thanks to a professional guide, you will enjoy an unusual journey into the history of Padula.

The local archives will give you the chance to see the records with your own eyes and so that get the proof of what you heard and learned during the walking.


  • Number of participants: from 10 to 50
  • Location: Padula Old Town
  • Meeting points:
    Largo I Luglio, Madonna del Carmine
    and San Clemente churches.
  • Arrival point: Sant’Antonio Abate Church
  • Distance: 4921ft
  • Altitude: 164ft
  • Duration: 2/3 hours
  • Difficulty level: easy

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