Trace your family tree with a team of professionals

Did you hit a brick wall while searching and you do not know how to go on?
For over 20 years, we have been helping descendants of Italian emigrants with their family histories.

Did you always aim to learn your ancestors’ names? Or perhaps something more about their stories, jobs, and the places where they lived?

For centuries, in Italy, the Catholic Church first, and the public administrations then, recorded births, deaths, and marriages of all the people, your ancestors included. You can find this valuable information in dusty books kept in tiny rooms of the municipal and church archives.

Our team is specialized in searching through those paper registers: since 1998, we have been visiting archives all over Italy. Our experience is at your service to trace your family history.

Step one: contact us for a free consultation, and do not forget to provide us with all the information you have in your hands. Our team will make a preliminary analysis to evaluate the possibility of doing investigations and contact you to give you a detailed view of your case.

We will locate the archives to visit and the kind of information we can figure out. We will also give you a quote and a due date to complete the task.
Then, you will decide whether or not to hire us to get assisted or attempt the search on your own.

The search includes the following items:

Before start

  • Free preliminary search
  • Consultation on the possibility of doing the search
At the end

Request a free consultation

Email us at Please, be as specific as you can, and do not forget to provide us with the data you already know. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

If you want to talk to an expert, call the following mobile number +393478295374 (CET zone)

How we work

In over 20 years of genealogical research, we have gained a great experience in the consultation of all types of archives throughout the Italian territory.

The research team is made of Michele Cartusciello, founder and manager of the Museo del Cognome, the first museum in the world dedicated to last names and genealogy, and Giusi Dede, a young and passionate collaborator expert in translation and foreign relations.
The team is joined by numerous partners located throughout the country to guarantee efficiency and speed in meeting your requests.


We were contacted by Ellen and Vincent Forlenza a few months ago because they were interested in learning about their family history. They joined for an Ancestors Tour in Contursi Terme (Salerno), where they could meet distant cousins! ” As an american genealogy enthusiast, I was eager to learn more about my husband’s Italian roots, but was limited because I do not speak Italian. When we planned a trip to the Amalfi coast with my husband’s siblings, I knew that…