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Fabrizio De André

On February 18, 1940, Fabrizio Cristiano De André was born in Genova. He is a renowned Italian singer-songwriter who needs no introduction. Museo del Cognome, which was once Taverna il Lupo, had a section dedicated to Faber before it became a museum. Years ago we requested a copy of the death certificate of his paternal […]

Ancestors syndrome

Did you know that there’s something called ancestor syndrome? It’s pretty interesting! Transgenerational psychology, also known as psycho-genealogy, aims to demonstrate the hypothesis that the unconscious can be passed down through generations. It suggests that the fears that trouble an individual may be the same as those that troubled their parents or ancestors. We have […]

Old remedies from 1750s

We stumbled upon an unusual list during our research. It includes remedies for colds, treatments for rabid dog bites, methods for removing foot calluses, and even ways to eliminate freckles! It was believed that freckles could be removed by applying a mixture of goat’s gall and lupin flour on the face before bedtime. Corns on […]

Ancestors Tour – Padula, Salerno

John Spencer and his family reached Padula in recent days. His maternal grandmother was the daughter of a young boy from Padula who emigrated at the beginning of the last century, Pasquale Gallo. We visited Padula and the neighborhoods where the large Gallo family lived. Apparently, they all emigrated, seeking their fortunes elsewhere. To date […]

Ancestors Tour – Sala Consilina, Salerno

Christine and her family traveled from the USA to discover more about their ancestors’ birth town, Sala Consilina. They had no information about the Paladino family or their birthplace Armed with old maps and fueled by curiosity, we explored Sala Consilina. We visited the San Pietro neighborhood where her ancestors lived and were even able […]