Adotta un documento – Save a document project

Archives and libraries preserve their historical heritage and grant access to those who need to consult them. The continuous use and the effects of the passing of time provoke wear and tear. Thereby, it is necessary to face the problem of its conservation by making sure that researchers and enthusiasts can get the chance to explore it.

The 1678 Padula Stato delle Anime Census

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the birth of the Museo del Cognome, Michele Cartusciello, genealogist and founder, publishes his third book “Lo Stato delle Anime del 1678 di Padula” (the 1678 Padula Stato delle Anime Census).

Who were the Italians?

Every day, a genealogist reads, sees, and lives any kind of story, and it happens by scrolling pages of an old book, meetings, and texts. Everyone got his experience, everyone took a different path, but there’s something our ancestors share, their strength in fighting and getting through the prejudice.

13 August 2021: between genealogy and dream

It took place last August 13, 2021 in Padula, the “traveling launch” of the books “Come si chiamava il nonno di tuo nonno?” (“Can you guess your 2nd great-grandfather’s name?“) and “Padula che vorrei“.

San Mango d’Aquino and genealogy tourism

Driving along the Salerno -Reggio Calabria highway in a baking hot summer afternoon – my car thermometer pointed out 43°C degrees – was challenging. We made it. We got to San Mango D’Aquino. It is a pretty village standing on a hill of the Savuto river and valley at the border with the province of […]

A genealogist in Calabria: a rugged and superb land

A genealogist is a wandering detective, it could be in thousands of places at the same time, and meet people by going back in time. Different faces, stories, locations. Experiences that are worth telling.

The Italian American Podcast: episode 192

Today we share with you the amazing podcast we had the chance to join thanks to our special friends from The Italian American Podcast, a great show dedicated to helping Italian Americans celebrate our brilliant heritage.