Visit the places where
your ancestors lived.

Do you want to visit that small mountain village you have always heard about, where your grandfather used to fetch water from the fountain in the main square? Thanks to the Museo del Cognome’s “Ancestors Tour” project, we can take care of everything.

Have you ever thought of taking a trip back to your Italian roots? Have you ever dreamed of visiting your grandparents’ native hometowns?

Getting organized is difficult, isn’t it? When you need to go to Rome, it is easy, but some places are hard to get to. Maybe you would like to meet some of your relatives who are still alive, and you cannot find them on Google Maps.

Do not give up on your dream! We are here to help you! We can organize your Ancestors Tour in every detail. We will help you with trip booking and transfer and guide you in the footsteps of your ancestors.

Finally, you will be able to visit the archives keeping the records of your family, and you do not have to worry about opening hours; we will deal with it!

You will be helped by an interpreter and have the pleasure of learning about the historical and artistic heritage of the place. We will aim for the perfect organization so you will not miss anything.

How do you know if you can trust us? Simple. Our information is based on thorough genealogical research. You can count on the presence of a professional who will always be ready to seek a definite answer to all your questions.

We have already guided a lot of Italian-Americans to the tiny villages
from which many Italians left many years ago, showing the quaint alleys, the houses where they lived, and the squares where they played. Come on! Come on!

Who would not want to taste real Italian handmade “maccheroni” as our nonni once made? Do you think the perfect moment has finally come?

Then write to us, and we will get right back to you!
We are ready, and you?

Plan your tour in Italy, together!

Scrivici a, possiamo occuparci di tutti gli aspetti del tuo viaggio genealogico in Italia. Sarai ricontattato via email in 48 ore.

Se vuoi parlare a telefono con un nostro esperto, chiamaci al +393478295374 .

The tour includes the following items:

  • Hotel or B&B booking, according to your requests and budget.

  • Transfer from the place of arrival (airport, station) to the family’s country of origin and vice versa.

  • Guided tour to discover the hometowns and peculiar elements. The guide will be chosen according to your native language.

  • Visit to the town hall, parish archives, historic center, and cemetery.

  • Food: tasting of traditional dishes.


Travel Club Fulfills A Dream “Good fortune accompanied June and me on the Emerald Princess’ transatlantic cruise from Rome. A change in itinerary from Tunis to the port of Salerno meant that I would finally be able to realize the “bucket list” item of visiting my great-grandparent’s birthplace. The town of Padula was near enough to the port to enable an in-person visit. The Museo del Cognomen (a surname museum) located in Padula and led by Michele Cartusciello and his…

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