Fabrizio De André


Friday 5 July 2024



On February 18, 1940,

🎤Fabrizio Cristiano De André was born in Genova. He is a renowned Italian singer-songwriter who needs no introduction.

📌Museo del Cognome, which was once Taverna il Lupo, had a section dedicated to Faber before it became a museum.

📃Years ago we requested a copy of the death certificate of his paternal grandfather, Giovanni Achille De André, who, according to online records, appears to have died in Turin between 1916 and 1917.

The City of Turin has given a negative result. Does anyone know more about this?

🔎After conducting extensive research, we discovered that his paternal family originated from Zuccaro di Valduggia, located in the Vercelli province, while his maternal family came from Asti and Pocapaglia (Cuneo).

🤔Our question is whether he can truly be considered a Genovese, which may seem a little intrusive.