Lidia Poët and the women’s emancipation


Wednesday 8 March 2023



This is the birth record of Lidia Alexandrine Poët, born in Traverse (a little town nowadays it’s a hamlet of Perrero, in the province of Turin) on August 26, 1855, to Jean Pierre Poët, son of the deceased Thomas Poët, and Marianne Richard, daughter of deceased François Richard.

The Netflix Tv series “La legge di Lidia Poët” shows the story and adventures of the first woman registered to the Bar Council of Turin. She was born into a rich family that allowed her to study, and she was a pioneer in prison law and in woman’s emancipation. She got a Law degree in 1881, choosing a dissertation about the woman’s condition in Constitutional Law, and Administrative Law about suffrage.

Despite her degree and passing the exam for the Bar Council, she wasn’t allowed to register for it, only because she was a woman. A hard debate started, also in foreign countries. She started to work in the brother’s law office, even if unofficially.

Thanks to her commitment the Children’s Court was founded. The goal was to give children a chance to make better choices in the future She joined a wide range of Woman’s Congresses, fighting for equal rights and universal suffrage. In 1919 Marital Power was abolished and in 1920 she could register for the Bar Council of Turin, she was 65.