Antonio Vegliante, a padulese who left a mark


Wednesday 28 December 2022



Antonio Vegliante was born on January 15, 1866, in Padula (Salerno) to Angelo Maria Vegliante and Maria Giuseppa Cardillo (photo 001, 002). The family lived in Strada (street) San Francesco.

On February 8, 1894, at San Michele Arcangelo Mother Church in Padula, married Raffaela Fiore, daughter of Alfonso Fiore and Irene Pisano (image 003).

On April 19, 1894, the couple got to New York (USA) after a long crossing started from Naples on board Kaiser Wilhelm II (for further information – see image 004.

The 1905 American Census states the family was as follows: Antonio, 36 years old, laborer, Raffaela, 28 years old, housewife, Angelina, 10 years old, Henry, 7 years old, Angelo, 5 years old, Ida, 3 years old. Ernest is 8 months old (image 005).

In the 1910 Census (image 006) when Helen, 3 years old, turned up as another kid of the couple, Antonio came out as an undertaker. In the 1940 Census (image 007), instead, he owned a business as a funeral service. Image 008 states it. In 1937, a great dinner with Padulese people took place at Joe’s restaurant in Brooklyn (image 009).

Antonio Vigliante dies 25 years later, in 1952 – image 0010

But it does not end there. Antonio Vigliante along with Nicola Maffei from New York (from the book “I Frati minori a Padula dalla prima metà del ‘400 alla seconda metà dell ‘900” by Father Carmelo Corvo) was one of the greatest donors with lire 710, 50 after the Priest of different dioceses, Mr. Antonio Ferrara from Mexico (we will write about him later) and the clergy from Padula to purchase the Monastery of San Francesco in Padula (November 8, 1896). The promoter was Father Francesco Maria from Padula aka Antonio Francesco Giuseppe Vegliante born on March 5, 1828, to Michele and Domenica Breglia (image 0011). He comes out as Antonio’s uncle.

For some images, credits go to our padulese cugino, Paul Maina.