Ancestors Tour with Paul Maina and his family in Padula


Monday 26 September 2022



On March 24, 2019, Paul R. Maina got in touch with the Museo del Cognome for the first time.

Since then, hundreds of emails, messages, and investigations to trace the stories and histories of the Maina and Rivellese families.

Year after year, one step after another, we shared efforts and enthusiasm. We built connections and made the family ties stronger. We all turned into distant cousins, a large and crazy family who reunited last September 23 here in Padula. We all together walked far and wide the alleys of the old town. The same tiny streets Paul’s Nonni walked a long time ago.

An exciting and touching tour, full of unique and unforgettable emotions. A trip of a lifetime.

Our thanks go to:
Our coworkers Astrid Meijer, Giu Dede, Carmen De Fina e Viviana Ricciardone. Thanks to their work, our clients feel at home.
The entire Città di Padula Municipal administration and employees.
The priest Don Giuseppe Radesca and Alessandra Rinaldi for giving us access to the Mother Church of San Michele Arcangelo and its parish archive.
The dear Paola Romanzi (Palmieri).
Francesco Arienzo and the Agriturismo Tre Santi restaurant staff for hosting us.
Last but not least, Gemma Pianese joined our happy and crazy group while we were walking. She burst into tears when she found out the Maina descendants were in towns. She was glad to share information about the family she knew during her childhood.

We are stories to tell and feelings to live with!