The 1678 Padula Stato delle Anime Census


Wednesday 30 March 2022



On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the birth of the Museo del Cognome, Michele Cartusciello, genealogist and founder, publishes his third book “Lo Stato delle Anime del 1678 di Padula” (the 1678 Padula Stato delle Anime Census).

It is an accurate and detailed reconstruction and transcript of the census of that time, now kept in the parish archive of the Mother Church San Michele Arcangelo.
A persnickety job that retraces the steps of the priest and unveils the status of the population in those past times, A technical perspective that helps everyone to learn more about our history, stories, and roots in a very simple way.
The book is available to get purchased both on Amazon (hardcover and Italian for now) at the following link and at the museum seat in Padula.
Keep following, we will update you about the official presentation date!