Who were the Italians?


Friday 29 October 2021



Every day, a genealogist reads, sees, and lives any kind of story, and it happens by scrolling pages of an old book, meetings, and texts. Everyone got his experience, everyone took a different path, but there’s something our ancestors share, their strength in fighting and getting through the prejudice.

Who left the native town to seek fortune abroad, took a difficult but heroic step. Their shoulders suffered the burden, the same they redeemed day by day, struggle after struggle. The scar is invisible, but still alive in any heart.

It’s important to keep their story alive, to honor them. We mustn’t forget how they have been labeled just because they were Italians, poor, and emigrants. The most common and insulting nickname was DAGO, they go/ until the day goes, or DAGGER or WOP/WAP (taken from the book l’Orda by Gian Antonio Stella).

Can you imagine that?

Do you have a story to tell? The one that shocked you the most?