San Mango d’Aquino and genealogy tourism


Thursday 29 July 2021



Driving along the Salerno -Reggio Calabria highway in a baking hot summer afternoon – my car thermometer pointed out 43°C degrees – was challenging. We made it. We got to San Mango D’Aquino. It is a pretty village standing on a hill of the Savuto river and valley at the border with the province of Cosenza, Calabria.

Why there? It was for an event promoted by Mayor Luca Marrelli.  It was about the Turismo delle Radici or Genealogy Tourismtourism specifically dedicated to the third-generation Italians living abroad. We appreciated the kindness and the hospitality the Mayor had. Nobody thought that someone could take such a long trip. Ours was a surprise though!

An enlightening debate, short and articulated speeches, touching at times. The participation of Italian descendants gave the meeting a cosmopolitan touch.

My thanks go to the Mayor who gave me the chance to intervene in the discussion and so meet a large audience: mayors from all over the area, Enrico Mazzone, Chief of Casa Calabria International, and Andrea Pacia, Secretary-General of the UID – Unione Italo Discendenti nel Mondo.

The museum’s library was enriched with a new book about San Mango d’Aquino, a book Mayor Luca Marrelli kindly donate to us.