Stories from the parish archive in Padula: death at Christmas time


Thursday 15 April 2021



A memory of a heavy snowstorm at Christmas – taken from a death record housed in the parish archive of Padula.

Transcript – Latin
Carminus Bregante
Anno Domini 1732, die 31 mensis Decembris, fuit inventum corpus Carmini Bregante viri Dominicae Accetta, in loco, ubi dicitur Mandrano, qui cum ab hac terra discessisset in die Nativitatis Domini dicti anni profecturus Paternum ad emendas Brassicas, in reditu in die Sancti Stephani ex magna copia nivis, et propter impetum ventorum. oppressus, in dicto loco obiit, et suae an. 40 circiter, cuius corpus fuit insepultum in Parochialis Ecclesiae Sancti Clementis, et per dictam causam nullum Sacramentum recepit.
Translation into English
Carmine Bregante
Anno Domini 1732, day 31 month December, the dead body of Carmine Bregante, husband of Domenica Accetta, has been found in the area named “Mandrano”. He moved away from this land at Christmas to arrive at Paterno and buy some cabbage. On the way back, the day after Christmas (Saint Stephen), due to the huge amount of snow and strong wind, he died in that place, at the age of 40. His body has been buried in the Church of San Clemente, and due to the abovementioned reason, he has not received any sacrament.