Being a genealogist: trouble and joy


Thursday 28 January 2021



Do you know the trickiest task for a genealogist?

It is facing with the Registry Offices employees based in the ancestral town of an Italian American. How is it possible to deny access to the archive to a person who aims to learn more about the roots? Yet, it happens. Sometimes, it happens.

Genealogists are the “arms” and the “hands” of million of Italian descendants.

We listen to any sort of excuses and read any kind of rejection. They do not allow us to visit the archive.
Luckily, we also have happy ending stories to tell. Last week, Giusi and I visited the Town Hall of Amalfi (Salerno) to check the vital records. We were filled with a kind of excitement and joy.

Guess why? Because we got the permission to do our job without any trouble. Dr. Petrillo, the official in charge of the Registry Office, kindly welcomed us. Also, she showed the archive in detail and made a desk available to us to work on our research.

Everything went very smoothly, and we learned something more about Amalfi and its hamlets.

Amalfi is on our list as virtuous Comune.