5 November 2016: Genealogy in Italy – São Paulo, Brazil


Tuesday 8 November 2016




The first leg of the journey across Brazil was a great success for the Museo del Cognome. Michele Cartusciello, Manager of the Museum and Genealogist, gave a lecture on Genealogy in Italy at the Circolo Italiano in São Paulo, Brazil, last November 5.

Aguinaldo Cristofani Ribeiro de Cunha, ASBRAP’s Chairman in São Paulo, opened the meeting. Many people, including genealogy enthusiasts and experts, took part in the conference. Among them there were many Brazilians with Italian roots: people from Calabria, Puglia, Basilicata, Sicily, Veneto regions, as well as from Padula and Camerota, Salerno province. They are descendants of those emigrants who left their hometown seeking fortune abroad from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s.

Michele Cartusciello discussed the different aspects of Genealogy in Italy: research, tourism and citizenship process, how they changed with the passing of the years, and not to forget, he showed the Ancestors Tour and My Ancestry Comic Book projects.

It was a great occasion to build strong cultural bridges between Brazil and Italy, and also a chance for those who need to have an on-site reference point in their ancestor’s birthplaces.

Very many thanks go to:

Aguinaldo Cristofani Ribeiro da Cunha, Chairman of ASBRAP – Associação Brasileira de Pesquisadores de História e Genealogia – São Paulo

Bruno Sandin, Chairman of the Circolo Italiano in São Paulo

Giuseppe Pagano,  Director of the Circolo Italiano in São Paulo

Renato Sartori, President of the Comites in São Paulo

Rosangela Brischi, Conference Interpreter

A special thank goes to Carlos Alberto De Silveira Isoldi Filho for his support and collaboration.

We remind you that thanks to the CBG, Colégio Brasileiro de Genealogia,  the second conference will be held in Rio De Janeiro at the South American Copacabana Hotel, tomorrow, November 9, at 8pm.

Admission is free. For further information about the signing up, write at: cbgpubli@yahoo.com

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