The Italian granny: Cherubina Alliegro, the 108 years old woman


Thursday 31 March 2016




Novemebr 24th, 1970: the daily newspaper “Il Tempo” dedicates an article to Alliegro Cherubina from Padula. Died at the age of 108 due to a sudden illness the day before, she was the oldest woman in Italy.

Alliegro Cherubina was born on May 5th, 1862, to Michele Alliegro, carrier as a profession (in Italian trainiere: the person who transported goods and people), and Sarli Filomena (see the birth record below).

Affectionately named “Nonnina d’Italia” – the Italian granny, the journalists who came to Padula on her last birthday occasion, considered Alliegro Cherubina a great public figure.

Padula was famous not only for its Certosa di San Lorenzo and Ossario dei Trecento but also for the longevity of “Nonna Cherubina”.

The Museo del Cognome found out this great piece after 35 years thanks to the friend Rodolfo Citro who jealously kept it. Still now, Alliegro Cherubina is remembered as “Zia” Albina (see the death record below) or “Zi B’nedda” by the aged.


(Birth Record – Source: Padula Municipal Archive)


(Death Record – Source: Padula Parish Archive)