Celebrity Genealogy: Pope Francis – Chapter 1


Thursday 5 November 2015



Bergoglio Albero

After 2 years from the opening of the section “Uomini Illustri”, the Museo del Cognome will publish the family history of a celebrity every month from now on. The first article of this new initiative is on Bergoglio Family, the family of our Pope Francis.

Pope Francis was born to a family with Piedmontese origins. He was the elder of 5 kids born to Regina Maria Sivori and Mario Bergoglio. Mario Bergoglio emigrated to Argentina, together with his father Giovanni and his mother Rosa Vassallo, riding the Giulio Cesare ship sailed from the Genoa port on February 1, 1929.

The pictures shown above is about the Bergoglio family tree which starts form Domenico Bergoglio, the Pope’s 4th great grandfather, born around 1750.

Below, you will find a marriage record between Francesco Carlo Bergoglio and Lucia Margherita Quagliotto occurred on November 22, 1808, in Schierano, Asti province.