The Museo del Cognome at the Potenza Vintage 2015


Saturday 24 October 2015




It was delivered on October 17th 2015 at the Cappella dei Celestini in Potenza, a lecture on Genealogy for kids developed by the Museo del Cognome. Four classes coming from the Istituto Comprensivo Torraca-Bonaventura in Potenza attended the lessons with great interest.

The meeting was part of a series of initiatives included in Potenza Vintage 2015, an event dedicated to the vintage, created and organized by Io Potentino Association with the partnership of Potenza Municipal Department of Arts and Culture.

The Museum used a new and fun way to catch kids’ attention and stimulate their interest in Genealogy. Slides and videos especially designed for the occasion were projected all along the lecture. This way let kids become little detectives for a day and discover the tricks of the trade as well.

A really instructive day for grown-ups and kids alike spent discovering the meaning and the values of our origins and family histories.