Great success for the Museo del Cognome and the Ancestors Tour at the RootsTech in Salt Lake City


Friday 3 April 2015



rootstech (1)

Great success for the Museum at the RootsTech 2015, the biggest genealogical show held in Salt Lake City last February.

For the first time an Italian booth took part in an exhibition like this. The Manager Michele Cartusciello together with the staff members Settimio Rienzo, Giuseppina Dede and Maria Pagano, presented all the activities of the Museum and the new project Ancestors Tour. The Museum’s booth caught the attention of the audience, especially Italians living abroad and descendents of Italians emigrated to the USA.

More than 20,000 people in 3 show-days and more than 1,500 people visited our booth. Genealogy experts, Italian emigrants and simply curious people. They all had a story to tell. Who left the birthplaces to reach the American dream, did not forget the origins and the family, but kept alive the memories and the stories they heard orally.
The people we met, learnt how we can put in touch Italians descendents living abroad and the their ancestors’ birthplaces.

In few words, 3 days full of meetings that met the expectations of the people who trust in our work and, above all, the expectations of the people who found in us a chance to create a connection between the USA and their birthplaces.