Genealogia e Fumetto in Padula: coming soon

The Museo del Cognome and  Antonio Sanseviero, comic’s enthusiast and collector,  will present  Genealogia e fumetto, an exhibition that will join Genealogy and comics together.  This event will take place in Padula.  Stay tuned!

Cognomi d’Italia, chapter 3: Coiro surname

Here we are again with “Cognomi d’Italia, an online column about the Italian Surnames”.  It has been created by Michele Cartusciello, Manager of the Museum, in collaboration with in order to let people discover this interesting “world”, the origin and the spread of some surnames. Today, we are going to talk about the surname Coiro. Check it out […]

The Surname Festival 2013 is coming

The 3rd edition of the Surname Festival is coming. It will be dedicated to the people with the name Sarli and its variants and it will take place in Padula next August 2013.  Stay tuned and visit the website: