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How to start your genealogy?

Do you have Italian roots and want to dive into the past to learn more about your ancestors? Are you curious to determine where your last name comes from or discover more about your elders’ life? You found the right people!
We can help you  along this journey thanks to the experience of a professional genealogist who will deal with the search by  starting from  what you will tell him about your family.

You always aimed to find out your ancestors’ names or more about their stories, jobs, and the places where they lived. Our team is specialized in family history research and tracing family trees.

Do you wish to visit that mountain town you always heard about, the same place where your grandpa went to get water from the fountain at the main square? Thanks to the Ancestors Tour project born from an idea of the Museo del Cognome, we take care of everything, from the travel booking to the meeting with living relatives.

Do you have Italian ancestors and aim to apply for Italian citizenship recognition? As you know, it is essential to submit your request by attaching all the documents proving your family line. We can assist you, and thanks to our professional team, we get the needed documents for your application.

A museum about last names
and family histories

Professional genealogist and enthusiast of local traditions and cultures, Michele Cartusciello started to cultivate his interest in family history in 1984. Since then, he visited municipal, parish, and State archives all over Italy and traced his family tree up to 1600 (more than four thousand names). In 2012, his passion for Genealogy materialized with the opening of the Museo del Cognome in Padula, a tiny village in the province of Salerno.

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