I am a professional genealogist and enthusiast in local traditions and cultures too. My interest in family history started in 1984 when I first stepped into the Registry Office of my hometown, Padula, a beautiful medieval town located 100 km far Salerno, in Campania, Italy.

My quest to learn more about my lineage and to create my family tree led me to visit plenty of archives such as registry offices, parishes, and state archives.

My dream of a lifetime came true in 2012 when I opened the Museo del Cognome – Family History Museum.



The Museo del Cognome is a one-of-a-kind place in the world where you might follow an itinerary specifically designed to get started with your family history research.


Last name and family history research

When you enter for the first time into the Museum, you discover an unusual place. With the assistance of an expert, you can dive into a true and accurate journey into the past. Section 1 is dedicated to the surname’s history and to how it is used around the world. Thanks to the explanation of an expert guide, you will learn how to take the first steps in genealogical research and, then, how to reconstruct your own family tree. The documents affixed to the walls such as birth, death and marriage records, draw registration cards, census records, and notary deeds outline the family history of every one of us. After illustrating the detailed description of the Church and Municipal records, your guide will also demonstrate and explain to you the graphic representation of the family tree in all its variants.



The tour inside the museum proceeds with the second section, dedicated to emigration. You will discover the long road the famous “rich uncle” had to take once he arrived in the USA. Boarding lists from Ellis Island, passports, naturalization documents, census records, passports applications, World War I, and II draw registration cards are in English. The census records are the documents that better describe how Italians lived in America in the 1900s. The exposition dedicated to emigration ends with an exhibition of old pictures and materials given by Italian descendants living abroad.


Famous People

Launched in 2014, it is about famous people as San Giuseppe Moscati, Benito Mussolini, the Italian writer Luigi Pirandello singers, and actors like De Niro and Sinatra whose origins are Italian. It is interesting the name of Silvester Stallone, who has the same name, Silvestro, given to an ancestor born in Palo del Colle (Bari), in the first half of 1700.


  • Genealogy Research
  • Reworking and realization of heraldic and bourgeois emblems
  • Handwriting Analysis (Graphology)
  • Ancestors Tour
  • Family Name Festival
  • Genealogy for kids
  • My ancestry comic book
  • Italian citizenship process
  • Digitization of archival materials


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