• Genealogical Research
    We carry out every type of Genealogical research in the archives, not only in Padula, but in the entire Italian territory. You will be provided with document pictures and graphic elaboration of your family genealogy in the GEDcom format or in any other format, upon your request.


  • Reworking and realization of heraldic and bourgeois emblems
    We rework and create heraldic and bourgeois emblems after a long and meticulous genealogical research.  Everything is hand-made.


  • Handwriting Analysis (Graphology)
    We use the handwriting analysis to discover the personality of your ancestors.  If you have any letters written by your grandfather to his wife while he was in America or an important document which belonged to your great-grandfather or even poetry written in 1700 by some relative, let us know.


  • Ancestors Tour
    The Ancestors Tour is an idea born from our will to give the possibility to those who want to dive into the past, to discover their own family origins through a customized tour based on the client’s needs and wishes. Everything is guided by a team of experts.


  • Surname Festival
    We organize debates, meetings and classes dedicated to Genealogy. Also, we plan meetings among people with the same surname and people interested in Genealogy.


  • Genealogy for kids
    Lessons specifically designed to let young students approach to Genealogy in a new and original way.


  • My Ancestry Comic Book
    My Ancestry Comic Book project is a completely new idea in the world. The first model has been created by the manager Michele Cartusciello in collaboration with the cartoonist Emanuele Sabatino. The comic book is a really memories box where happenings and moments of life related to our family come to life panel after panel. If your aim is to have your personal “my ancestry comic book”, take a look at the model on the website and then contact our museum’s staff.


  • Citizenship process
    Full assistance for the citizenship process.


  • Digitization of archival materials