How many times have you tried to imagine your ancestors’ faces, habits, and the places where they were born? You are not the only one to look back to the stories grandparents told you sitting around the fireplace or the table during holidays. Many people, indeed, sought to learn about their ancestry, the way of living of the forebears, their emotional bond with the homeland, and the people with whom they surrounded themselves.

 Have you ever walked through the narrow alleys, visited the churches where they went to pray, seen a rusty sign of an old small shop, rummaged in the cardboard box looking for photographs, letters, family memories? They are all things that deepen the need to bring the roots back to life day by day.

 It is not easy putting pen to paper centuries of history and stories, but there is something that can help to do that: the comic. Drawings and words are the ideal way to materialize our imagination.

 Description of the project

 My Ancestry Comic Book project is a completely new idea in the world. The first model has been created by the Museum’s manager Michele Cartusciello in collaboration with the cartoonist Emanuele Sabatino. It is based on the Cartusciello family history but also on studies of the local customs and traditions.

 The comic book is a memories box where happenings and moments of life-related to our family come to life panel after panel. The main purpose is to let enthusiasts and audience approach to their own roots in a new and creative way and also to give a chance to those who want to get a customized comic book through the daily genealogical work the Museo del Cognome carries out every day.

 If you aim to have your personal “My Ancestry Comic Book”, take a look at the panels below. It will help you to have an idea of it. Then, you can directly contact the Museum, sending your family tree and all the useful information. Successively, the staff will begin to do all the necessary researches and create the scripts and the drawings.


My daily life in the archives.

For those who want to create a comic book with color illustrations, here there is an example.