Winning. Be superior. The human nature has always wanted to dominate others to prove its superiority.

The desire to overcome the others caused wars in old times, and so it was for thousands of years, sometimes for the thirst of power, sometimes to increase their wealth. Luckily, the competitions were not always warlike.

From Ancient Greece, athletes needed to exhibit their strength and skills. They had the chance to do it thanks to the Olympic Games. The first Olympic Games of the modern era were held in Athens in 1896. From that moment on, there have been many other games or competitions as Math Olympic Games, Physics Olympiad.

That is the reason why the Museo del Cognome – Family History Museum – based in Padula (Salerno), Italy, proposes the Genealogy Olympic Games. Genealogists are just like athletes, leaving nothing to be desired. They are determined, patient, able, and eager to show their skills.

The competition will be held from the beginning of 2019 and everyone 18 and older can participate in the games. Documents and replies need to be sent in the following languages: Latin, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.

The promoter/ organization committee will provide to participants all the questions by email. On the last week, the participants with the highest scores in the ranking will face a treasure hunt that will finally declare the winner. The questions are only and exclusively on Genealogy. The organization committee will evaluate the replies.


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To submit your registration, send the form to the following email address olimpiadigenealogia@gmail.