A genealogist is a wandering detective, it could be in thousands of places at the same time, and meet people by going back in time. Different faces, stories, locations. Experiences that are worth telling.

Along the downhills and climbs, bends, and straights, you can see hidden treasures as well as check kindness and expertise.

Some weeks ago I visited one of my ancestors’ homes, Calabria, a rugged and superb land. I spent three days diving into a search to find someone who was playing hide-and-seek.

The help, dedication, and curiosity of the employees I got to know, gave me the chance to carry out my job as a genealogist in the best way possible.

I ought to thanks those who made it possible:

The State Archive of Catanzaro in the person of the director and study room supervisors.

The Town Hall of Arena (Cosenza) with the Registry Office’s clerks.

The Historical Diocesan Archive of Mileto and the archivist, DR. Ketty Di Bella.


Their willingness deserves appreciation and the mention as virtuous in my list.