A short but intense record about the plague which spread out in Padula between 1656-1657


Since some time ago, to be more specific, from the 1st of September 1656 to January 1657 included, the plague (pestilentialis lues) spread out violently, it took thousands of lives out, males, females, old and young people. They were 1800 souls, they all received the sacraments except the Extreme Unction, by the Reverend don Nicolao Antonio d’Amato; don Giuseppe Salvato; don Giacomo de Maria; don Marco Tullio Robertuccio and Don Michelangelo de Bonohomine. Don Marco Tullio and Don Michelangelo fell ill, but our Almighty God saved them. Sadly, 20 priests died after the plague. Reverend don Nicolao Antonio de Amato, cantor of the Mother Church, and I, archpriest, and every member of the clergy, operated to save creatures during the epidemic, and particularly at the time of jubilee, hoping for the mercy and the intercession of our patron saint Michele Arcangelo. Without it, we could not overcome it. The notes about the deaths have been recorded in a separate book we keep here in praise of Almighty God and for posterity.

Joannes Maria Carellus archiepiscopus Padualae

Source: 1st book of the deaths, sheet 56 back, San Michele Arcangelo parish archive.