Genealogy Olympic Games: the challenge

The Museo del Cognome- Family History Museum – will be the promoter of the Genealogy Olympic Games 1st edition next August 1- October 15, 2018.

The manager, Michele Cartusciello, together with the team, will propose a series of genealogy games to experts, enthusiasts or whoever wants to take on a fun challenge.

The participation in the games is free of charge and opens to everyone 18 and older. Regulations and registration forms translated into different languages are available and ready to be downloaded on the museum’s website. Due date to submit the registration: 20 July 2018

The questions are only and exclusively on genealogy, and each of the participants can get them via email. On the last week, the participants with the highest scores in the ranking will face a treasure hunt that will finally declare the winner. The organization committee will evaluate the replies.

For further explanations, please visit Genealogy Olympic Games or email us at